Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solution for Access to Windsor Estates and Development of Windsor Estates

Primary Access: From Frontier Drive extended. Boston Properties has profferd to build a 4 lane road from Frontier Drive to Springfield Center Drive in return for getting a Comprehensive Plan change for higher density for their proposed development alnong Springfield Center Drive . Our developer can tap into this new road with his bridge over the RR tracks into Windsor Estates at a cost of 20 to 30 million dollars. VDOT should be able to obtain federal highway funds for this bridge since both federal and state governments are pushing for high density development around all rail stations and they have reports out (see VTRANS) saying they will help pay for access to help get this development, assuming the County will support high density development.

Secondary Access: Right in-right out from/to Francona Springfield Parkway opposite somewhere near the one on the other side on the Parkway near the Emergency Clinic.

Tertiary Access: Buelah Street at Windsor Avenue : Some new improvements will have to be done here to get more capacity but not much additional capacity since Beulah Street cannot handle much more traffic.

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