Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funding of Pedestrian/Bike Bridges

Editorial: Fairfax County is both a taxing authority and tax deductible entity as all government entities are tax deductible!!!!!Motivated bikers and pedestrian could make a donations to a special fund with Fairfax County transportation. This fund needs to be both embezzlement and diversion proof.This mean Fairfax can not divert or borrow from the fund for any purpose. It should clearly set up so that any diversion or borrowing results in an immediate arrest. Developers need to make tax deductible donations. The bridges from Metro Park to Shoppers mall to Lane Elementary to Windsor Estates and the one crossing the metro RR from Barry rd to Springfield will create a nice continuous economic stimulus the will provide a continuous multiplier effect. A similar bridge crossing Beulah RD from Wegmans is necessary. The bridge in the photo is the one that crosses 95. These bridges will cause safe transit for bikers and pedestrians . People complain no funds are available. Tax deductible donations by bikers and pedestrian enthusiasts and developer contributions are the answer. Mixed use is happening; we need safe transit for bikers and pedestrians. This includes an extension of the bike path North and South of the RR where it intersects Barry Road.!!!!!!

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