Friday, February 6, 2009

Land Use Committee Approved Springfield Mall Development

At the last meeting of the Land Use Committee, development of the Springfield Mall was approved!!!!Editorial: Mixed use is coming and this is what is going to get us out of the on coming depression!!!!Mixed use creates both jobs and wealth. Development of Windsor Estates as mixed use will also create wealth and jobs. Additionally, metro needs to be extended from Fort Belvoir to Springfield to Tyson's Corner to Dulles. VRE needs to be extended to Thornburg, Mineral,Louisa, and Beaver Dam. Low Cost High Speed Internet with good upload and down load capability for Rural America will jump start rural America and be a continuous economic multiplier effect.Despite good intentions, the current economic expenditure will not succeed. It is like a cup of strong coffee; it jolts the body temporarily but has no nutritional value. Only mixed use development,extension of from Fort Belvoir to Dulles, expansion of VRE and affordable high speed internet to rural America will provide the continuous economic multiplier effect!!!!!!!

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