Thursday, July 16, 2009

Need of Transportation and Pedestrian/Bike Czar

Editorial:The local land use committee meets at least once a month in the Franconia government center. the members of the land use committee represent the various communities. Missing is a transportation advocate and a pedestrian/bike advocate. Clearly, a transportation czar could advocate the extension of metro from Fort Belvoir to Springfield to Tyson Corner,extension VCR to Thornburg to Mineral and to Louisa and the creation of a highway or expansion of a road from Prince William to Louisa and the connecting to 64 to Charlottesville or Richmond Pressure needs to be take of 95. This will enhance development in Northern Va and Lake Anna!!!Funding would occur through federal transportation stimulus money.

The role of the bike advocate is to show the need of a comprehensive pedestrian bike bridges from metro park to Shoppers to Lane Elementary to Windsor Estate. Additionally,a bike pedestrian bride from Windsor Estates to Springfield Mall is necessary. A bike path running north and south of the railroad track is necessary and the funding has be fully earlier on a blog entry!!!!

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