Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Embark Richmond Highway Possibility of extension of metro from Huntington to Hybla Valley

Embark Richmond Highway is a multi-year effort involving land use, transportation planning, design and construction, which will result in a bus rapid transit system to operate primarily on dedicated lanes along Richmond Highway. The stations will run initially from the Huntington Metrorail Station to Fort Belvoir and will include a possible future extension of the Metrorail Yellow Line to Hybla Valley.
Embark Richmond Highway Map
As part of the project, we will consider how to update our land use plan to support the future population and job growth, and the planned transit system along the Richmond Highway corridor. We will focus primarily on planning for walkable, urban-style mixed use development near the future transit stations with the goal of creating vibrant, active communities where people can live, work, shop and play — all with easy access to transit. This project also supports our Strategic Economic Success Plan, and the goal of revitalizing the Richmond Highway corridor and attracting new high-quality development

State Study
One key to this project moving forward was a Commonwealth of Virginia study, which detailed these recommendations for Richmond Highway:
  • Implement Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Richmond Highway;
  • Plan for nine BRT stations from Huntington Metrorail Station to Accotink Village, Fort Belvoir in Phases I and II of the preferred alternative;
  • Evaluate the planned land use density and the mix of land uses within a ½ mile radius of the proposed stations;
  • Consider urban design guidance and other elements supportive of bus rapid transit;
  • Construct six vehicular travel lanes on Richmond Highway;
  • Provide additional vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian connections along the corridor; and
  • Provide general guidance supportive of a future Metrorail Yellow Line extension from Huntington to Hybla Valley.

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