Sunday, December 28, 2008


Traffic on Beulah St is heavy. Pedestrians and Bikers need to be taken out of this turmoil. The correct solution is to have large heavy duty bike/pedestrian bridge from Metro Park to Shoppers Shopping Center to Lane Elementary and crossing over to Windsor Estates. Bike traffic could then safely go either from Metro Park or the Hayfield area to Metro/Springfield Transportation Center or by going over the proposed bridge over the RR, could go into Springfield Mall.Furthermore bike or pedestrian traffic could proceed further by going over the existing pedestrian bike bridge over rt 95 to other points. As development proceeds on Beulah St , Springfield, and Windsor Estates, high speed car traffic needs to be separated from pedestrian and bike traffic. These bridges are important to the development. At a recent land use meeting, one person spoke to me about some friends injured by cars while biking. While vising Arlington County, I saw an athletic forty something biker in the middle of an intersection after he was hit by a car. Proper planning dictates that bikers and pedestrian be kept separate from high speed auto traffic.

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